• CasNo:69899-87-2
  • 分子式:C2H8AlClNO4Zr+5
  • 纯度:90.0%-110.0%
  • 分子量:263.747758


Product Description
Aluminum Zirconium Gly (solid)
Molecular formula: 
Trichloro Al3.3Zr(OH)11.3Cl2.6.xH2O.Glycine
Tetrachloro Al3.6Zr(OH)11.6Cl3.2.xH2O.Glycine
Uses: Antiperspirant active for the chemical industry, deodorant, suppressing the main ingredients of sweat, apply to antiperspirant agents, colloids, liquid deodorants, atomized liquid, suitable for products: rod-like colloidal, ball-stick body, solution in 50%ethanol is a transparent liquid
Property: white powder, soluble in water and glycerol, Easy to moisture absorption and slowly corrosive to copper, Iron and aluminum..
CAS#: Trichloro : 134375-99-8     Tetrachloro : 69899-87-2    Pentachloro: 125913-22-6    Octachloro : 174514-58-0
Customs No.: 2922499990          MSDS: YN0401-02            Risk No.: Non-dangerous

Certificate of analysis

Product specification Trichloro Tetrachloro Pentachloro Octachloro
Standard USP-34 USP-34 USP-34 USP-34
Assay           % 90.0-110.0  90.0-110.0  90.0-110.0  90.0-110.0 
Al         % 14.0-15.2  14.5-15.5  15.0-18.0  16.0-17.5 
Zr         % 13.6-16.3  13.0-15.5  7.3-8.5  5.5-6.5 
Atom ratio of Aluminum/Zirconium (2.0-5.99):1 (2.0-5.99):1 (6.0-10.0):1 (6.0-10.0):1
Chloride  (Cl)    % 13.3-17.5  17.0-18.5  12.8-15.0 22.5-25.5 
Atom ratio of (1.51-2.10):1 (0.9-1.5):1 (1.51-2.1):1 (0.9-1.5):1
Al + Zirconium/ Chlorine
Glycine        % 13.5-16.5  10.5-13.5  10.5-13.5  10.0-15.0 
Fe       ppm ≤150  ≤150  ≤150  ≤150  
Pb       ppm ≤5  ≤5  ≤5  ≤10 
Arsenic (As)      ppm ≤2  ≤2  ≤2  ≤2 
Heavy metal       ppm ≤20  ≤20  ≤20  ≤20 
PH value (15% Aq. solution, 25℃) 3.0-5.0 3.0-5.0 3.0-5.0 3.0-5.0
Index of central control
Appearance Identification white powder white powder white powder white powder
Loss on dry (105℃/2H)  % 4.0-8.0  4.0-8.0  4.0-8.0  4.0-8.0 
Whiteness (70-90um) % 85-95  85-95  85-95  85-95 
Transmission (15% solution)% ≥90  ≥90  ≥90  ≥90 
Foreign substance detection ≤1mm/10 ≤1mm/10 ≤1mm/10 ≤1mm/10
Viscosity (50% water)     Mpa.s ≤100 ≤100 ≤100 ≤100
Ration in 50% ethanol 1:01:01 1:01:01 1:01:01 1:01:01
Granularity (U.S.S)  mesh 1250 mesh 1250 mesh 1250 mesh 1250 mesh
Shelf life year Two years Two years Two years Two years
Supply reference
Production process GMP Production line GMP Production line GMP Production line GMP Production line
Packing 25kg Paper-plastic woven 4-layer/12T/(20')FCL 25kg Paper-plastic woven 4-layer/12T/(20')FCL 25kg Paper-plastic woven 4-layer/12T/(20')FCL 25kg Paper-plastic woven 4-layer/12T/(20')FCL
Quantity for quoted price FCL FCL FCL FCL
Validity period of quoted price 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months

Note: special requirements are negotiable for customers with specific specifications.

Packaging & Shipping
Our normal packaging is 25kgs/Drum,200kgs/drum;
The packaging can be costomised.

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