• CasNo:499-44-5
  • 分子式:C10H12O2
  • 纯度:≥99.0%
  • 分子量:164.2


Product Description
Hinokitiol, also known as Hinokyl alcohol, is a natural compound of monoterpenoids with a tropolone skeleton. It belongs to the tropolone family of compounds.
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hinokitiol has good antibacterial, moisturizing and pest repellent effects. It is a highly safe plant ingredient. It can be used as an antibacterial and insect repellent. It is the main component of Cypress essential oil. It has a wide range of biological activities and strong bactericidal ability. The minimum inhibitory concentration for general bacteria is 10-100ppm. The smell is fragrant and the effect is good. It can kill Bacteria and microbes in the dead air, prevent pests from invading the human body, inhibit human pathogenic bacteria, have been used in the production of shower gel, cosmetics, medicine and other products. Hinokiol has an amazing effect on the inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The bacterium often exists in the skin and respiratory tract of the human body, causing skin infections such as sepsis, peritonitis, food poisoning, boils and abscesses.
Application of whitening agent:
Tyrosinase is a key enzyme in the formation of melanin. It can catalyze the conversion of glycine and dopa into eumelanin and brown pigment in the human body through multiple pathways, thereby causing the formation of freckles, melasma, and pregnancy spots. In vitro experiments showed that juniper alcohol has a strong inhibitory effect on tyrosinase bisphenolase. With dopa as a substrate, the concentration of juniper alcohol (IC50) is 0.3umol/l, which leads to a 50% decrease in enzyme activity. Its inhibitory effect is a reversible process, indicating that juniper alcohol only inhibits the activity of tyrosinase without causing permanent inactivation of the enzyme. The good regulation mechanism of juniper on tyrosinase in melanocytes is closely related to its structure. Tyrosinase is a ketone-containing oxidoreductase. The ketone structure can combine with the copper atom in the active center of tyrosinase to form a tight complex, which leads to a decrease in the catalytic activity of tyrosinase, which is the main way it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase; at the same time, cypressinol The light group and ketone structure on the tyrosinase-substrate complex (ES) can also be combined to form a ternary complex and regulate the formation of melanin.
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检验项目Test name




白色固体White solid



应与对照品保留时间一致Conforms to the spectrum of the Referencesubstunce


熔点Melting point

48°C - 54°c

49.6°c- 52.2°c

有关物质(GC)Related subStanceGC

乙醇 Ethanol0.5%


未知单杂Unknow indiviaual impurity0.1%


总杂Total impurities1.0%


重金属Heavy metals



未检出Not detected


未检出Not detected

Cadmium 5mg/kg

未检出 Not detected



总重金属 Total heavy metals0.001%





炽灼残渣Residue on ignition







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