• CasNo:129453-61-8
  • 分子式:C32H47F5O3S
  • 纯度:98%~102%
  • 分子量:606.77


Fulvestrant is a steroid anti-estrogen drug, its chemical structure is similar to estradiol, the difference is that it has a linking group at the 7α position; it is an alkylamine analog of 17β-estradiol, It can antagonize the effect of estrogen by occupying the ER and inhibit the activation of genes stimulated by this estrogen, so it affects the estrogen-related processes necessary for the cell cycle; its affinity with the ER is close to that of estrogen, but it is 100 times that of tamoxifen. . Apoptosis is critical in maintaining homeostasis and may be another major mechanism of fulvestrant therapeutic action.