• CasNo:130209-82-4
  • 分子式:C26H40O5
  • 纯度:98%~102%
  • 分子量:432.59


Latanoprost is a novel anti-glaucoma drug for topical open angle glaucoma and topical treatment of patients with high intraocular pressure that is difficult to treat or tolerate with other drugs. For pigmented disseminated glaucoma, angle Retraction, chronic angle-closure glaucoma, quiescent uveitis, and epidermal exfoliation syndrome also have good effects, but are not effective for active uveitis.
Latanoprost is a derivative of prostaglandin F2α, a selective F2α receptor agonist. It is an inactive but rapidly penetrating substance in the cornea, which can be hydrolyzed into active free acids in the cornea and plasma. It can increase the outflow of aqueous humor through the stratum corneum layer, and the dosage is small, but it promotes the large amount of aqueous humor. The liquid can penetrate into the upper layer of the ciliary choroid of the eyeball, which has a good effect of lowering the intraocular pressure. It can also make glaucoma The trabecular mesh screen of the eyeball that is usually blocked by the patient is unobstructed.